How to Potty Train in One Day?

The Potty Training in One Day – A Guide for Today’s Parents outlines a step by step process on how to potty train your child using these concepts.

Below is an excerpt from the Potty Training in One Day – A Guide for Today’s Parents

It outlines the summary of the potty training in one day technique:

The technique is focused on the one day, which I like to call the "Big Day" (see Figure 1 below). This is the day when the actual potty training is done and your child will give up diapers forever and start using "big kid" potty training pants. However, as many other things in life, in order for you to have a pleasant and successful "Big Day" you will have to spend some time preparing and planning for this day.

The planning and preparation could take anywhere from one hour to a few weeks depending on how ready you and your child are. The time required for the follow-up after the "Big Day" really depends on your child. Some children do not require any follow-up, but others may require more.



Outlined below is a summary of each one of the steps. Each step is then discussed in detail to address the what, when, why, where and how.


Summary Preparation and Planning


Get ready for the "Big Day". Position yourself for success by making sure that both you and your child are ready to do this and you have everything you will need. My recommendation is that you read this entire guide at least once, before you start to potty train your child.


Is your child ready to be potty trained ? Go through the child readiness section (page 13) to see if your child is physically and mentally ready for this challenge.


Read through the Do’s and Don’ts of Potty Training (see page 16)


Make sure you have all the equipment required to Potty Train your child. This system includes all the major components that you will need, however, there are other things such as drinks, towels and sippy cups that are needed as well.


Select a distraction free day that you will dedicate to potty training your child. This will be the "Big Day" for you and your child.


Summary of "The Big Day"


On that "Big Day" you will switch from using diapers or pull-ups to using "big kid" potty training pants . Both your child and the doll will give up their diapers forever and will change from diapers to "big kid" underwear.


Then with your assistance and guidance your child will teach his/her potty training doll to go potty. S/he will start by giving the potty doll water. Give your child his/her favorite drink as well. Then your child will remove the doll’s "big kid" potty training pants and will make the doll pee on the potty.


You will both celebrate and throw a big party for the doll for being such a big boy/girl. You will make the doll feel special and grown up. You will also let your child know that s/he will also have a big party when s/he urinates in the potty. Dr. Phil suggested that you also tell your child that s/he could call his/her favorite superhero or person.


Continue to give your child fluids and ask him if s/he wants to go pee in the potty.


While waiting for your child to pee, make the potty training doll have an accident. In a very positive way, teach your child the consequences of having an accident – make the doll practice going to the potty 3 times.


You also want to encourage your child to practice pulling his/her pants down and sitting on the potty.


When your child pees in the potty, you will celebrate your child’s success with a party and /or a call to his/her superhero.


When your child has an accident, you help him clean up and change. Then practice going back and forth to the potty 9 times.


Congratulations!!! You and your child have done it. No more diapers!!!


Summary of the Follow-up


When your child has an accident, you help him clean up and change. Then practice going back and forth to the potty 9 times.