Where should we Potty Train?


Some times the most obvious answers are not the “right” answers. And this is one of those instances.

You would think that the most logical place to potty train a child would be where the potty is…in the bathroom, right?

Well, if you are using the one day potty training method, the bathroom could be a veritable torture chamber! (For you the mom, that is – AND this is based on the assumption that MOST of us have utility bathrooms and not luxurious bath suites!)


With the one day potty training method, the parent spends a whole bunch of time with the child sitting on the potty.

The parent will also require the child the do “Practice Potty  Runs” to and from the potty several times for each accident as well as for general practice.

All of these “exercises” are charted and prescribed to be performed on a regular basis and tracked on a chart throughout the potty training day.

So, as a matter of comfort and not to mention safety, (lots of running) the absolute best place to potty training a child with the one day method is….(drum roll)




Yes, the kitchen.

(My son Ryan in our Kitchen showing off his potty training certificate – he had graduated from potty school!!  Silly, yes, but it worked.  Ryan was accident free in 4 days!)




Or any place in your house where you and your child can spend the day together, be comfortable AND where cleaning potty accidents will be easier.

Now, before you start dreading what mom-in-law would say about seeing a potty chair in the kitchen, especially one that’s recently  been used and Junior forgot to take it to the “Big Potty” dump station, understand that this is a one week commitment.

At best, you may be able to station the “Little John” in the “Big John” at the conclusion of the training day.

But, even if the kitchen needs to be used for the follow up portion of the training, this should only be about 1-3 weeks of your life.

So, maybe you can take Mother out to lunch!