We have found great success with this program.

We have found great success with this program.

My son is almost 3 and seems to have picked it up very easily. I think one thing that helped us is I put new books in the bathroom that he had never read before.

He didn’t mind sitting on the potty each time because he had a new book to read. And of course he loved Scotty! So here’s my question; the first 2 nights he was wet during the night. The first night he was still asleep and we had to wake him and change him.

The second night he came in to me to tell me he needed to be changed. I don’t know if I need to switch him to pull-ups or see how it goes over the next few nights.

We are now on the third night after starting; we didn’t give him anything to drink 2 hours before bedtime in the hope that that would help. While still in diapers he would wake up dry a lot.

The only information I can find about peeing during the night is for older children (5 or older). I don’t this is a bed wetting problem in the clinical sense so any advice will be greatly appreciated!


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