Scotty and Patty Potty Training Dolls

When it comes to potty training, having everything you need on hand is so important. Making sure that your child has everything they need to learn how to potty train is so important as well.

These are great to use to teach children how to potty train and let them see the entire process. They can practice with the doll and see that it is not scary at all as well. We at Potty Training Concepts understand everything that is needed to make potty training successful both the child and parent and we have everything that is needed here.

We have created multiple sections as well to make finding everything you need easier than ever. In this area you will find the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Dolls that we have available.

We offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to these dolls. There is the Potty Patty doll in pink for girls and the Potty Scotty doll in blue for boys. These older dolls, they look more like toddlers and are perfect for children that relate better to older children or are older themselves.

The dolls are dressed in pink or blue clothing and the girl has pigtails and the boy has short hair. There are a variety of options available when it comes to which doll to get for a boy or a girl.

There is the Potty Training Doll in Patty or Scotty, the Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Kit, the Potty Training In One Day Patty or Scotty Doll the Complete System, the Potty Training In One Day Potty Patty or Potty Scotty Doll the Basic Program, the Advanced Program or the Essential Program as well.

These are all available in both the Potty Patty or Potty Scotty doll. They come with different items depending on which kit that you get. There will always be the doll, two bottles to feed the doll with and three potty training pants for the doll as well.

The dolls are anatomically correct as well, to make teaching a child very easy, since they can relate and see that everything is the same.


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