About the DELUXE Kits

The DELUXE Kits include:

  1. The Book
  2. The DVD
  3. The Potty ScottyDoll (or Potty Patty Doll for Girls) with its accessories – doll training pants and bottles.

The BOOK & DVD are for you the parent.

The DOLL and it accessories are teaching aids for your child

Watch VIDEO Below on how it works.

The Book and DVD will walk you through the ENTIRE potty training process – from determining is your child is ready, to how to handle bowel movement training and bedwetting.  The instructional video
feature real parents and children.


The potty doll with it’s accessories (doll training pants and drinking bottles) are for your child.

The anatomically correct drink and wet-on-demand dolls are used during potty training to model the going potty behavior for your child.

It is all part of the potty training in one day method.

Would rather watch a video?

(click the PLAY button in the middle of the video below!)


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