THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Potty training in one day.

It REALLY REALLY works. My daughter turns 3 in December 09 and she is finally very happy to be potty trained. We tried toilet training in July but she was not ready. She had all the signs but did NOT want to do it. I also feel like I did not have all the tools to be a good teacher. Thank you for giving such great instructions and a method that is so do-able for both the parent and child.

I had some skeptical buying the doll, the book and the DVD. Boy oh boy am I glad I got the whole system despite my skepticism. This product has been worth every single penny. It is worth it to see the pride in my daughters face. She goes both number 1 AND 2 on the potty. Literally all done in 1 day for number 1 and day 2 for number 2. AWESOME. Great! GREAT! So rewarding for us both. I can’t thank you enough.

I am so glad my friend recommended Potty Training In One Day. I vow to tell all my friends and new moms all about it.

What a FANTASTIC product.

Potty Training in One Day REALLY REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!! YAAA.

November 8, 2009

Johanna Secrest @ 2:00 pm:

Ginger Allen
Potty training is a big time in a toddler’s development and one that many parents dread. But a Texas woman says, with a little preparation and commitment from mom and dad, she can help potty train your child in one day. (see the video of the plan for potty training in one day)

Monica Yagele of Fort Worth has three daughters and it’s just about time for her youngest, two year old Isabella, to start potty training. "She has gone on the potty a few times already and she is showing readiness signs."

Yagele says she made a few mistakes with her first two girls, so she wanted to learn some new techniques. "I was looking for some sort of method, some literature that I could read about."

She came to an event sponsored by Metroplex Baby and Kids featuring Houston mother and entrepreneur Narmin Parpia.

Parpia took the concept "potty training in one day," which has been around for decades, and created a series of products that help parents through the process. "The first phase is the planning and preparation and this is the planning and preparation of the parent."

To get ready for the "one big day" where your child will learn to go in the potty,  mom and dad will introduce a doll. Potty Patty for girls, Potty Scotty for boys.

Yagele says "Isabella was very excited when she saw the doll, so they pulled the potty patty doll out immediately."

The Potty Patty doll also comes with training pants and a potty chair. You give the doll water and it goes potty in the potty chair. The potty training products will help teach the child that behaviors have consequences.

Parpia explains, "If your child goes on the potty what is the consequence of that and the logical consequence is that you the parent are thrilled that they did that, so you reward that."

Once your child understands the correct behavior, mom and dad should start building excitement for the big day where the child will stop wearing diapers. And on that day Yagele explains "You don’t want any outside distractions, you want to minimize that and just completely focus on your child and try not to distract your child in other ways too from the potty training process."

After the big day comes, the next step is follow up.  Parpia says "That is when you the parent has to be really patient, you have to be calm and you have to persistent through it."

Parpia says most children are accident free within a week, some will take a little longer. She says "It doesn’t work for everybody, but for the people that it works for, it is a great method."

It’s been about a week for the Yagele’s and things are going well for Isabella. "I took her diaper off and said this is it, we’re done no more diapers from now on, you’re a big girl now."

The training products also come with a book and DVD that will take parents about an hour to review. The whole package costs $50 dollars.


Here is the Plan for Potty Training in One Day story covered by CBS nightly new in Dallas.

If you rather read an about the plan for potty training in one day, we have that available for you!

Yesterday – August 6th, 2009, Potty Training in One Day was featured on Good Morning Texas.

Paige McCoy Smith, The Not-So Perfect Parent ™ interviewed Narmin Parpia. 


Not only did they discuss How to Potty Train in One Day, they talked about how Narmin Parpia got started.

They reveiw all the products required to Potty Train in One Day!

We have found great success with this program.

My son is almost 3 and seems to have picked it up very easily. I think one thing that helped us is I put new books in the bathroom that he had never read before.

He didn’t mind sitting on the potty each time because he had a new book to read. And of course he loved Scotty! So here’s my question; the first 2 nights he was wet during the night. The first night he was still asleep and we had to wake him and change him.

The second night he came in to me to tell me he needed to be changed. I don’t know if I need to switch him to pull-ups or see how it goes over the next few nights.

We are now on the third night after starting; we didn’t give him anything to drink 2 hours before bedtime in the hope that that would help. While still in diapers he would wake up dry a lot.

The only information I can find about peeing during the night is for older children (5 or older). I don’t this is a bed wetting problem in the clinical sense so any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Or the closest thing I can create…


I take back most of the sarcastic humor I have dished out at Dr. Phil’s expense.

We received Potty Patty and accessories on Tuesday. Clio played with the doll as a “baby” Tuesday and Wednesday and we planned for her “Big Day” on Friday.  Clio was so excited that she started it on Wednesday evening and has been dry for 2 days!!!!  Self-initiating and everything.

Needless to say I am soooooo relieved.  After 3 other tries with me feeling like a duck out of water.  She even today woke herself up from her nap because she had to go.

Just wanting to share the good news,


Well, it’s the 3rd day past the BIG DAY and NO ACCIDENTS! Your product is great! I followed the book exactly. My son understood potty training right away. I never really started potty training him until I bought your doll and I’m glad because I was able to achieve it with 1 try, successfully. I see so many other parents try it differently and continually fail. I can’t wait to visit friends and family so show my son’s success. He is even wearing underwear to bed, waking up, in the morning, dry and telling us he has to go pee, right away. 

thanks so much!

Kyle Young

I have potty trained four out of five of my children using the one-day method and I support this wonderfully positive and complete system of “Potty Teaching”. When my second child was around two years old, I asked a friend how she went about potty training her FIVE boys! (Two of them are twins!) She replied, “I read Toilet Training in Less Than A Day.” I asked her if I could borrow her book.

Her answer came swiftly, “No.” The book was far too precious for her to lend to me but she informed me that I could go to a used book store to get a copy. Much to my delight, my husband located a used copy of the 1974 edition! Hurrah! I could now begin training my second child.  

My absolute fear of potty training is what led to the discovery of the one day method. I dreaded potty training more than Childbirth! In my mind, our first attempt at potty training was a failed attempt to “teach” our son to use the potty.

Potty training went horribly bad for him; none of the blame is his, but, mine and my husbands. We gathered no information nor made any preparation for this, the first of many teachable moments. My husband came home one Friday night and simply stated that it was time that our child be potty trained. My answer came swiftly, “No.”

You see, I am an organizer by “giftedness” and a teacher by choice.

Without proper information there was no way anyone was going to convince me to start any education process with my child. I had asked all my friends, family and even strangers in the Doctor’s office about this incredibly intimidating task ahead of us. The answers were so varied and many people I asked didn’t really have an answer.

Other than the, “Do-it-in-the-summer-and-let-him-run-around-naked Method”, nothing else seemed logical to me.  

So, leaving him no choice, my dear husband set to the adventure of potty training our son himself. Only days into the Father-Son bonding experience, David realized this “adventure” was turning into a project. It seemed my husband, too, lacked the skills necessary to communicate the potty process to our son, despite being equipped for the task!

At first, the “Project” was a happy one. Accidents were met with encouragement and patience. Weeks later, I’m mortified to report: we both resorted to shaming and verbally reprimanding our sweet toddler.

Then, after months of worn out knees from scrubbing messes and frayed nerves from bashing our heads against the Wall of Lack of Communication, our brilliant son put together all the pieces of the jumbled up mess of a puzzle we handed him and was “trained”! 

I use the word “trained” in the loosest sense of the meaning. We had taken the complex sequence of the potty process, chopped it up into unrelated “chunks” of randomly applied demands to perform, during hit-and-miss opportunities, over several months and like the Big Bang….viola! It just evolved into success over millions…. and….. millions of years! It wasn’t exactly potty “training”; it was more like potty “trying”, as in wearisome….for us all!

Well, I am delighted to report that our son Steven, is a happily potty trained fourteen year old and he survived the tears and trauma of the 6 month long Potty Project.

His siblings, however, had much more delightful experiences learning this important life skill. Through the one-day potty training method, I uncovered the secrets to teaching my children most any sequence based skill. With verbal encouragement, positive peer pressure, rewards, and loving guidance, I successfully “Potty Taught” the next four toddlers that blessed our busy home.  

The one-day method de-constructed how children learn the physical, as well as the mental and emotional, steps of pottying. “Did you say emotional steps?” Yes…emotional steps.

Potty training is an emotionally charged time as you demonstrate your desire for your child to be independent of you for the elimination process. Once, diaper changes were a time of tickling, cooing, P-Uing, and toe nibbling; now, that time has transitioned into praise at learning a new skill, positive encouragement, pride in accomplishment, and growing into a “Big Kid”! But, this comes with emotions.

The one day method explained the emotional experiences my children would be walking through as we went through our training day and follow-up week.

The one day method of training gave me ALL the tools needed to effectively arrange the pieces of the potty puzzle neatly, positively, and in sequence! No more frustration tantrums …. and my toddlers were happier too! As each of our children approached their second birthdays, I was confident that their potty training experience was going to be successful and pleasant.

I looked forward to that day with excitement and joy, because I knew that my toddler would be transformed into a 10 foot tall “Big Kid” with a puffed up chest and an ear-to ear grin to greet Daddy with at the end of that day!

Does Potty Training in One Day REALLY work? You bet it does

Can you barrow my copy? Absolutely not!

Narmin -

Scotty arrived YESTERDAY afternoon – talk about fast!!!  Scott’s great – the detail of his anatomy is amazing – my hubby and I got a good chuckle from it last night.

I tried him out last night and am getting the hang of how to use him.  Great idea on how to get him to pee by squeezing his leg!  I am getting a bit of leakage before I intend him to pee, but I’m sure it’s because I’m not well practiced yet.  His right leg is a bit stiff (hard to get it to bend to have him sit down), but it’s probably just because he’s new.  I’ll keep moving it – hopefully it’ll loosen up more before this weekend.  You included 2 bottles – is the smaller bottle intended for me to use to covertly wet Scotty’s pants?

Read your training guideVERY well written & like you said, so much more succinct than the book.  I’m going to try the lukewarm water approach for the first pee – great suggestion.  I remember it taking forever for our daughter to pee the first time on the potty – I resorted to making up a song (complete with Mommy singing the majority of the song, marching around the room and our daughter responding with the last word) to relax her/occupy her while we waited.  I plan to use it again with our son – he’s heard it a few times & thinks its funny because our daughter still wants to sing it occasionally.  ("When we have to pee-pee, we go to the potty, because we like dry pants and wet pants are icky" – The poo-poo verse says messy pants are icky).

Anyway, I’m in prep mode today – the plan is to start tomorrow.  Will contact you if I have any further questions. 



Hi Narmin -

I’m happy to say that our 2Year-3month old son is potty trained.  He gets it and we’re pleased and relieved to not have to change diapers.

You had asked that I give you some feedback regarding your products that we purchased.  Potty Scotty definitely made the difference for us.  By the end of the first day, our son was taking Scotty to the potty and doing all the steps.  

One of the funnies that came out of the process was that our son would say "squeeze my leg" when he sat on the potty!   Definitely understood cause and effect.   I hope others have all the luck that we did! 


Pamela Lietz

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