Your program is just WONDERFUL!  Before we purchased it, our three year old son would have nothing to do with the potty.  If we put him on it he would literally scream.  I was skeptical to say the least that your program would train him in one day.

The "big day" was a frustrating one.  It seemed that it wasn’t going to work.  Then by day’s end he was going on the potty and no more diapers ever since.

We’ve had a few accidents since the big day, but they get less frequent with each day and somedays he doesn’t have any!  I can’t tell you how pleased we were with your program.  I have recommended you to every parent that I know!

Thanks so much!

James & Deborah Kingsmill
Baytown, TX

Dear Narmin Parpia,     

We received the Potty Scotty doll on Friday and decided to wait until Sunday for our Big Day. We had a problem with Scotty’s tube in his leg, but my husband was able to straighten the tube out and all was well. Devin is really fond of the doll and that made our Big Day alot easier.

The fact that we are going to have a baby in March made us hesitate but we knew that it was time for Devin to try. Also the doll has been great because Devin talks about his upcoming sister and how he can help take care of her. Wow two birds with one stone. We were all at the end of our rope with potty training, but this program made life much easier.

Today is Wednesday Devin has had only three accidents and is more confident than ever. I really appriciate help in this area of child development. We first heard about your product on Dr. Phil. My mother feels that if Dr. Phil believes in it then it must be good.

So we gave it a try and are very happy. The web site was very easy to use. The only other products that might have helped would have been trainig videos by Barney-Sesame Street Characters-The Wiggles or any other person that a small child adores. I feel that these prior to the Big Day would help prepare the child. 

Thanks again.
Mitzi Gasaway


I just wanted to thank you for Potty Scotty and for your training manual.  With 3 serious days of training and 3 more reinforcement days, my son is fully potty trained! 

It took a lot of work and was wearing on both of us, but he soon realized it was easier to go on the potty than practice 9 times after he had an accident!  He still gets plenty of hugs and stickers and is very proud of himself! 

Mara Rigge

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