Does it really work?

Does it really work? YOU BET IT DOES!

Many parents including Bonnie and I have successfully used it to potty train 7 children between us!   Okay – so you may not know who Bonnie is or who I am for that matter.

But we know that you know Dr Phil.  And we know you know Holly Peete Robinson and you know Vanessa Marcil.  Dr Phil showed these celebrity moms how to potty train their children in one day using this method!


When Dr. Phil launched his book – Family First, he did a prime time show on parenting.  And one of the segements on this show was about potty training.

Dr Phil has actually done TWO shows on potty training in one day.  On the first show, he showed moms like us how to potty train their toddlers in one day.

The second show he did was on prime time (in the evening) and on this show, he showed celebrity moms Holly Robinson Peete and Vanessa Marcil how to potty train their little boys using the potty training in one day method.

So – does this method work?  YOU BET IT DOES.  It works well enough for someone of Dr. Phil’s caliber to show it on national TV not once, but twice!

Still need more informaion?   We have a lot more information – so look around.  We hope we have all the answers you are looking for!  If not, feel free to email us with your question.

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