How to do it?

So,  how do you potty train a child in one day?

Watch the video below!

You do in 3 steps.


Step 1:  Planning & Preparation

Like anything else in life – planning and preparation will ensure success.  Not only will you the parent make sure that you are ready to take on this challenge, you will make sure that you little one is also ready.  You will make sure that you are set up for success.  The book and DVD both cover all this information in detail.

Step 2: The "Big Day"

This is the day when you will do the actual training.  You will spend the day or part of the day teaching your child what you expect from him and what he can expect from you.

Step 3: Follow Up & Maintenance

Once your child has learnt what needs to happen, you role becomes one of follow up.  You consequence your child based on his behavior and you will gradually decrease the rewards and the prompting and allow you child to start pottying independently!

The book and DVD, both walk you the parent through every detail of what you will have to do.  They also cover key issues, as well as frequently asked questions.

Most people who choose to use this method are surprised by how quickly their child learns and that the potty accidents are limited to a few days. Most children will be accident free in one week, however, you have the ones that never have accidents, and then you have the ones that will have accidents for a couple of weeks.

Stick with it and your child will be accident free in two weeks or less!! No more diapers or pull-ups!!


Still skeptical? Read how well this potty training in one day method has worked for other parents – read show me the proof! and parent testimonials.

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