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  1. What are the benefits of this proven potty training in one day method? (Watch VIDEO)
  2. How to Potty Training in One Day?  ( Watch VIDEO )
  3. What do I need to get started?
  4. At what age should I start potty training?
  5. How do I know if my child is ready for potty training?
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  1. michelle’s avatar

    My boy is 16 mths old and I am due w/ my second in Nov. I would love to have my first child potty trained by the time I have my second. Is 16-17 mths too early for this method to work? I know it’s possible because I’v heard of people that have done it. Please let me know what you’re opinion is.
    Thank you!


  2. Narmin’s avatar

    Michelle, I would say that it depends very much on your child.

    Read the new article that we just posted called "At what age should I start potty training?"

    The average or "ideal" age range for the potty training in one day method is 20 to 30 months, however, this is an average.

    So, some children will be ready before 20 months and some others after 30 months.

    Your child may be ready at 16 to 17 months, – the best way to determine this is not based on the child’s age, but on the child’s potty training readiness.

    The article "How do I know if my child is ready for potty training?" should help you make your decision!.


  3. Marsha’s avatar

    I am beginning my third day on the system and my 3-year old son has only “gone” in the potty once (on the second day). I was able to get him to do that by putting the potty in the bathtub while he was playing with the water. He absolutely hates the practice runs (I do 10 each time there is an accident from different places in the house) but he refuses to use the potty. He will sit on the potty for about 20 minute periods (sometimes more, sometimes less). Then as soon as he gets off the potty, he goes in his undies. Is this his stubborness (he gets it naturally)? What suggestions do you have?

    On a side note, I tried the email link available on the web page but there was no email address entered – just the subject and a URL in the body.


  4. Narmin’s avatar

    Marsha, The email link available on each one of the pages are for you to send the page to a friend – and therefore the email is blank.  We have updated the email link description to reflect what it does i.e. email page to a friend.

    To contact us, you can post the comment as you did or via the contact us page! Webmaster, Potty Training in One Day


  5. Bonnie Horn’s avatar

    Hello Marsha, I created the DVD Potty Training in One Day. With your permission, I hope I might add some thoughts to your struggles.


    If you haven’t already, give your child the readiness tests listed on this web site. "How Do I Know if My Child is Ready?" If your child passed all areas then he should be ready. However, if he failed to pass ALL instructions you may need to step back and reassess. Children who fail to follow directions exactly as the parent states have the hardest time with this method because it is dependent upon cooperation from the child.

    Third day and only one potty in the pot Make certain that you have a complete understanding of the entire program.

    Review the book and the steps in order as well as review the DVD. Be diligent in devoting an entire day to training with no other activities. For a child of 3 years old, training should take about 4-6 hours.

    Practice Potty

    You may decrease the practice potty runs to 5. However, almost all children hate to perform these runs. The reason being is that this is the only negative reinforcement for undesirable behavior. So it is natural for children to think this part unpleasant.

    Having said this, if your son is violating standard family rules, ie. no temper tantrums, talking back, whining, etc. you have the freedom to implement your regular consequences for these behaviors. Then pick up training where you left off after dealing out consequences.


    This is THE most pressing issue for many moms. If you do not have a cooperative child this program, and any other, will not work. You must first address the obedience issues that your son seems to be "winning". If you have an agreed upon set of consequences for direct defiance you should implement them.

    It may be necessary to take a break from potty training for a few days in order to "practice" obedience and cooperation. Then begin the training day again. Once he understands that you will follow through with consistency you will have a more cooperative toddler.

    I hope this sparks some new energy and find some practical help with my suggestions.

    Bonnie Horn


  6. Sarah’s avatar

    We have found great success with this program.

    My son is almost 3 and seems to have picked it up very easily. I think one thing that helped us is I put new books in the bathroom that he had never read before.

    He didn’t mind sitting on the potty each time because he had a new book to read. And of course he loved Scotty!

    So here’s my question; the first 2 nights he was wet during the night. The first night he was still asleep and we had to wake him and change him.

    The second night he came in to me to tell me he needed to be changed. I don’t know if I need to switch him to pull-ups or see how it goes over the next few nights.

    We are now on the third night after starting; we didn’t give him anything to drink 2 hours before bedtime in the hope that that would help. While still in diapers he would wake up dry a lot.

    The only information I can find about peeing during the night is for older children (5 or older). I don’t this is a bed wetting problem in the clinical sense so any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  7. Narmin’s avatar

    Sarah, My advice would be to continue what you are doing for a few days. Limiting water intake 2 hours before bed is great.

    The only other thing I would add is make sure that you have created an environment that will enable independence at night as well i.e. that if indeed he need to go potty at night – that he is able to get up and get to the potty or the bathroom.

    Potty Training Concepts has a great article on what Potty Training at Night.

    Hope this helps.



  8. Jo’s avatar

    My son is 31 months old – he’ll be 3 in October.

    Prior to the training in the book, he liked to pee and poop in the potty. He was in diapers and I would set him on the potty when I thought he was about to pee or poop.

    Our first day of training (yesterday) was not successful. He had about 10 accidents and we practiced numerous potty runs per the instructions. He slept with a diaper last night because he still pees a lot at night. This morning, he didn’t want to put on underpants and brought me his diaper. We are doing the whole routine again today but he still refuses to use the potty. He’d rather pee in his pants and then tell me about it.

    Any suggestions?


  9. Narmin’s avatar

    Dear Jo, My first thought is – are you sure your child is ready for potty training? If you child pees a lot at night – then he may not be ready for potty training – take a look at the "How do I know if my child is ready for potty training?".

    If you child is indeed ready, then he has not yet connected all the dots. 

    For children to learn to go potty, they have to stop and acknowledge that feeling of fullness in their minds. Then, they have to control their urge to go and work out a plan to go find the potty, execute the plan i.e. find the potty, pull their pants down, sit on the potty and then relax their sphincter muscle so that they can eliminate. 

    Learning this is easy for some children and more difficult for others.

    It sounds like your son was ready to give up because he did have a rough day and he had definately not connected all the dots.

    I am glad you decided to carry on carry through on the second day and would love to hear how his second day was.



  10. Jo’s avatar

    I am happy to report that he is potty trained now!

    We did practice potty runs the second day and were vigilant about putting him on the potty every 30 minutes.

    The second and third night, he woke me up around 3AM to go to the bathroom.

    Now, he self initiates potty runs and but has had a few accidents in between.

    Still, he gets it and we haven’t used a diaper since then!

    Thanks for the note back!


  11. Narmin’s avatar

    Jo, thanks for posting the update and I am glad to learn that you son is now potty trained!!



  12. Sherry’s avatar

    My daughter is 2.5 years old and is on her sixth day of potty training.

    She is ready for potty training if you go by the readiness questions in your book.

    When she needs to go BM she is independent and goes on her potty.

    When she needs to go pee she runs past the potty to me or my husband yelling "Pee pee in the potty!" and then by the time we redirect her to her potty she has already had her accident.

    We have been consistant with practice runs and she loves them.

    Every 15 minutes we say "Kellyn, if you have to go pee where would you go?" she runs to the potty and answers the question correctly.

    Are we on track with this program or do we need to back up and reinforce something else?


  13. Sherry’s avatar

    Just an update on my last post dated August 24,2008.

    My daughter appeared to enjoy the practice runs a bit too much, so having an accident did not result in an undesirable consequence.

    The day after my last post I decided to give my daughter a quick shower after having an accident.

    This was definally not her favorite thing to do nor mine, but it worked.

    She was accident free within 2 days and has been toilet trained ever since.

    Thank you Narmin for your wonderful program and advise.


  14. Holli’s avatar

    I wanted to know if anyone has tried this method using their regular toilet.

    I was hoping it might work, but don’t know if I want to take my chances if no one out there has had success.

    Narmin’s Response:

    Here is a link to a similar Q&A – Potty Chair or Potty Seat for Potty Training in One Day?


  15. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I have twins who will be 3 years old on March 13th.

    Can I train them both at the same time using your method?

    Can I have my husband with me and we each train one at the same time together in the kitchen?

    Many Thanks,



  16. Narmin’s avatar

    I have answered a question very similar to this one – on potty training twins -  hope it helps.

    Let me know if you have more questions



  17. Wendy’s avatar

    I have two year old girl/boy twins that are ready to potty train.

    I am going to train them seperately so I can focus all my attention on them one at a time during their "big day". I’m wondering though if the potty seats are gender specific.

    Since I have a girl and boy, I was getting one potty chair and one potty seat so we have two potties available at all times as I know they’ll want to go at the same time.

    However, I wanted to make sure (the potty seat in particualr) they weren’t gender specific.


  18. Narmin’s avatar

    The potty seat and the potty chairs aren’t gender specific when it comes to function.

    They are only gender specific in color; pink for girls and blue for boys.



  19. Joan’s avatar

    Hi, I am using the program with my 27mo old boy/girl twins at the same time. My husband did it with me for the first two days. They definitely know what they are supposed to do and have self initiated a lot and some accidents. For my girl, she holds her pee for very very long time which is good duriing naps and nighttime…yet during the day she will go back and forth and back and forth to potty doing all the steps and of course 2 hours later after the 12th visit to potty she will have an accident not far from the potty. Even when she sits for 5-10 mins she hasn’t gone. The only time she 1/2 made it was she saying “go potty” and just as she got in front of it she started to wet and I just put her down on the potty. Maybe I should have let her wet anyway? and I felt like she needed a little success and the feeling of it. We have stuck with 10 practice runs any of the other times and I just praise her a lot for initiating and all the other steps of it. She will not do any other practicing. I just do a lot of dry checks when I know she has to go and doing a pee pee dance, directing her to go and asking her what big girls do and show me…she knows it. Should I just wait it out for it to click since she does seem to be aware of the full bladder and initiates a lot…just a timing thing that needs to click and some how relaxing to go on demand so to speak? This would be day 3. Perhaps after a few more days of practice runs for wet pants it will click? Please let me know any suggestions. Thanks


  20. Joan’s avatar

    2nd question regarding son training together with 27 mos old twin sister….he initiates a lot and pees nearly every time. has had a couple accidents when he gets so excited playing. and we do practice runs….and my challenge is with getting him down for a nap and bedtime…it’s taking a lot longer with muitple requests to go potty, go potty and he does go…if not he wets for sure….I know he is learning and may be anxious…I also know he likes all the extra praise and attention so he is stalling a bit…..once or twice I clarified if he wants to go potty or play…and he said play….anyway i don’t want to quash him wanting to go and he is actually peeing not holding like his sister yet when do I cut off potty time so to speak and enforce bedtime? both he and his sister used to go to bed very well with a good routine. how to I keep boundaries and routine and support his potty training. They are both in cribs so I am the one who has to take them if they ask. I don’t mind a couple to three trips as they get ready for bed, read and of course I am trying to cut off liquids earlier. and yet back and forth, back and forth, very resistive and putting off bed for an extra hour is not a habit i want to continue. Please let me know any suggestions. thanks again Joan


  21. Marilyn’s avatar

    My daughter will be 3 in October and we are on day 3 of potty training. I am so impressed, she did not have any accidents on day 3. My only concern, is she continues to be wet after naps and night time. She goes potty before she sleeps, but her cloth training pants are soaked when she rises. The first night, she woke up at 6am and said she had to go pee pee, but her training pants (from program) are already wet. Should I give it a couple more days before I switch to nighttime underwear? I do place her potty seat in her room by a light as well.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great and very much appreciated!!

    Marilyn L


  22. J’s avatar

    I used your book to train my 2 1/2 year old son. I began training him on a Thursday morning and he was completely potty trained (both pee/poo) two weeks later. He only had one accident 5 days after, and that was it. He has only peed at night once and that was my fault for letting him drink too much close to bed. He knows when to pee/poo and where to go. Even when out and about, he has no problem going to a public restroom (he actually enjoys seeing all the restrooms). He has always been very good about saying when he needs to go and most of the time just going to the bathroom without prompting from me. He has always been very happy about going potty!!! Even without rewards!!!

    My issue has come up recently and I am at my wits end. I’m not sure if this is a result of something I have done, or maybe the teachers at the school. I just don’t understand how he could go from doing so wonderfully to almost the complete opposite……………………….

    He was trained approximately 3 weeks prior to starting a preschool. He attends preschool 2 days a week for 4 hours a day. For the first 2 1/2 weeks, he did great. He is the only child in underwear that tells the teachers when he needs to go. The teachers even asked me how I had him completely trained so early. (I told them about your resources). They were always commenting on how great he was doing at that did well both standing and sitting….both peeing and pooing.
    In the past three weeks however, he has turned in to a different child both pertaining to the potty and to overall attitude. It started by him having a BM at school for the first time (and the only BM at school at that time). They didn’t have wet wipes to wipe him and he got all upset because it was painful. That was a Thursday. The following Sunday he had his first pee accident at home while playing in the front yard with dad. That week he had two accidents at school on the same day…one on the playground and the other inside while playing with other children. They were both pee accidents. The teachers decided to “prompt” him more. With the prompting came defiance. He is very independent and even though normally very even tempered, he has become quite strong willed. Last week he had a poo accident. The teachers “promted” him that it was time to go potty another time and he said No he didn’t need to and hid under the table. They said they “dragged” him out to go potty. Today, same thing. They told him it was time to go potty and he resisted by screaming and going limp, etc….they “dragged” him to the potty. He wouldn’t go, but when the teacher left him, he peed in his pants in the middle of the room. I am baffled at this complete turnaround in my child in both his attitude and defiance.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what my be happening? Is it the manner in which the teachers are treating him on this issue? How should I approach them and what can I ask them to do?

    or something that maybe I’m doing or not doing? if so, what can I ask them to do.

    He says he wants to wear a diaper again and be a baby. I am tempted to let him be a baby and just love on him instead of him feeling like he’s doing something wrong. Would that be so terrible if it’s what will make him feel better?


  23. Mallori’s avatar

    I have a 45 month old (3 months shy of his 4th birthday) boy.

    We have patiently waited for him to provide us with cues that he is ready. He passes the readiness test in all areas but does not want to use the toilet. We have tried several methods and then waited again when he continued to resist.

    Today we spent the entire day today on this method and he used the toilet 2 times. The first was 4 hours after initiating the method and the next was 3 hours later. He had accidents when we went to family’s home tonight, and we did practice runs. But he will tell me that he wants a diaper so he can go to the bathroom. He tells me that he knows we have them (he has a 20 month old sister who is still in diapers and I am expecting #3 in a couple of months). He will not sit on the potty any more…and the only reason he went earlier today is unsure?

    He seems anxious, but I have discussed it with him many times and I can’t determine the cause….he gets upset when he has an accident but he doesn’t want to sit on the toilet either.

    His sister has gone to the bathroom more than he has…and that competition doesn’t effect him either. “Good Job Lilly” he tells his sister….

    I’m trying to stay positive, but I’m not sure what direction to take and I am concerned that he will be left behind in his class at daycare soon because he is not yet trained. We haven’t even discussed this yet, but it is a possibility…HELP!


  24. Farrah McIntyre’s avatar

    My 26 month old son successfully used the Potty training in one day method. It took about two weeks for him to be almost completely trained, except for bedtime.

    Recently, he has completely regressed. He will not tell me when he has to “go,” when I take him in to the bathroom, he will sit on Potty chair or toilet and usually won’t go.

    A few minutes later he has wet underwear. The 10 trips don’t seem to work anymore, neither does the sticker chart or other rewards.

    There has not been anything to stress him, nothing to cause this sudden change.

    Do you have any advice?

    I’m completely befuddled…

    Thank you so much for any advice!


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