Potty Training in One Day™ – A Guide For Today’s Parents

This book is authored by Narmin Parpia who potty trained both her boys using this method and yes she did it in one day.

Narmin was inspired by the Dr Phil show on Potty Training in One Day™ to develop products and a system to make it easy for parents to be able to potty train in one day. She wrote the book to accompany the products.

She got so many request to purchase just the book, that she decided to publish the book and make it available seperately for all the parents who have the tools, but need to learn more about the method.

The book is also bundled with the relevant Potty Scotty™ and Potty Patty™ products.

This book initially started out as a booklet based on Narmin’s understanding of the potty training in one method and her personal experience with potty training her two sons. Over the first two years – the booklet was revised at least 8 times to include all the other issues, concerns and learnings that parent’s shared with Narmin as they potty trained their own children using this method and tools.

Potty Training in One Day™ -  A Guide for Today’s Parent is based not only on Narmin’s experience, but on the cumulative experience of many parents who have succesfully used this method along with the Potty Scotty™ and Potty Patty products to potty train their children in one day!!

An excerpt from the book provides you with a summary on how to potty train in one day.

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