Required Products

These are the SUGGESTED products to have on hand when you are ready to potty train in one day!

For the Big Day:

  • Potty Scotty or Potty Patty Potty Training Dolls
    • 3 "big kid" doll underwear for the doll
    • Bottles for the dolls
  • Potty Training Pants – we suggest the Padded Potty Training Pants for your child – 6 pairs at a minimum, 12 would be great and 18 pair would be excellent.
  • Potty Chairs – we suggest the Potty Scotty Potty Chair or The Potty Patty Potty Chair
  • Potty Seats - we suggest the  Potty Scotty Toilet Seat or The Potty Patty Toilet Seat
  • A Step Stool
  • Flushable Wipes
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • Your Child’s favorite Beverages
  • Rewards for you child
    • Salty and Sweet Treats
    • Potty Training Chart and Stickers
    • Small toys
    • Small wrapped presents
    • Movie, dinner out, special treat, call to superhero or
    • Whatever you decide on for rewards
  • Extra Towels
  • Cleaning Supplies

For Nap time and Night Time:

Make sure your child’s environment is set up so that your child has the urge to go potty in the middle of the night, s/he has the ability to get out of his or her bed and is able to get to the potty chair or the toilet.

After the Big Day:

  • Portable travel potty chair for the car
  • Portable travel folding potty seat for public restrooms
  • Disposable potty seat liners for public restrooms
  • Extra protection for your car seat
  • Container to carry extra clothing, underwear, shoes and socks.
  • Supply of plastic bags to contain the wet clothing
  • Cleaning supplies to help clean up accident – towels or paper and cleaning solution.