Why use this method?

Achieve success in record time!  That’s why!  

Potty Training in One Day™  is:

  • PROVEN method for potty training that has successfully been used by many parents.
  • A method that has been used succesfully by many parents AND is supported by pediatricians and psychologists including our favorite psychologist - Dr Phil McGraw who did 2 shows on Potty Training in One Day .
  • Growing in popularity due today’s busy lifestyles and why not??  When your child can go from wearing diapers to being accident free in record time!

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Here are some quick answers

With potty training in one day method, most children will go from wearing diapers to being accident free in under a week!

It is a proven method that has been used successfully by many parents just like yourself.  Bonnie and I have potty trained 7 children ourselves using this method!   You can see for yourself how this method has worked for other parents in our parent testimonials section.

It is supported by pediatricians and psychologists, including Dr. Phil.

Need more information?

Browse our website for a LOT more information on this potty training method.

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  1. Erin Rowzee’s avatar

    I am interested in the system, but I have already attempted potty trainging my 2 1/2 year old and she was pretty successful, but refused to go poop on the potty (incidentally, her older sister had the same problem and took months to completely potty train). So, my daughter can urinate on the potty, but we finally started using pull-ups because I just couldn’t clean up poopy underwear several times a day. Now she just pees in them, usually. What does the system do to train the child concerning bowel movements?


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